AVA is a high altitude balloon platform designed by Anthony Stirk (M0UPU).

AVA’s “flight computers” are AVR based microcontrollers using Ublox MAX6 GPS modules , software developed in Arduino environment.

I run HAB Supplies a shop for electronic components for use in HAB and other activities and when I get time I’m the Technical Director of Nevis Computers in West Yorkshire.


  1. Hello folks.
    Nice piece of work.
    When will be the “blastoff” of the ballon
    And by the way where are you from?

    Kindly regards from Brazil,

    Renato L. Garzillo

  2. I have a friend im building some electronic rocket stuff for, i was wondering if i could get your eagle file for the breakout board of the ism300F2-c5.1-v0004 . Thanks in advance!

  3. James Duncan

    Where can I find an update on the
    Arduino based Yaesu Rotator Controller
    are these boards still available

  4. Hi James,

    Sorry I missed this comment. The boards are still available just click the link at the top of this page : http://ava.upuaut.net/?p=372

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