Ava 1 Payload Contruction

Ava 1 Payload Assembly

Ava 1 Cold Soak Testing

Ava 1 Launch & In Flight Pictures

Ava 1 Launch Raw Images (Warning lots !) Part 1

Ava 1 Launch Raw Images (Warning lots !) Part 2

Ava 1 Launch Raw Images (Warning lots !) Part 3 (Cut off as it was getting dark, can’t tell if it was getting misty or water was getting into the camera, a few nice shots of the other payload in the mist!)


  1. Terry Gaff

    Hi, I’m really interested in launching my own balloon project. I’m a little confused as to what GPS module I need to hook up to an Arduino UNO, as far as I can tell at the moment I need to purchase a GPS module from your website. Are you open to the exchange of a few emails ? I really could do with the help. Also, what is the blue material you used to construct your payload container ? How do you cut out recessed holes ? Sorry for all the questions. Many Thanks. Terry

  2. Anthony Stirk

    Hi Terry,

    To link a GPS Module to the Arduino I suggest a uBLOX 6 with suitable level conversion circuits like this one :

    More than open to exchange of mails but as you’ve found IRC your in good hands 🙂

    Foam is here :

    I use a hot wire cutter from this E-Bay Seller :



  3. Very nice! It is allowed to just launch a balloon in the air without permission? For example: planes can be come in problems..? 😯

    But thanks for sharing everything to the world!

  4. Hi Melroy,

    Generally you do need permission to launch though it does change from country to country. Have a read of :



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