Run time testing pAVAR6

Having given up on getting power saving code for the moment as we may have a launch slot this week I’ve decided to check how long the board will run for on a single AA Energizer Lithium. Having gingerly soldered some wires to one ( scratch with a fibre glass pencil, a dab of flux and as little time as possible with the iron) I’ve put the module on test. I’m guessing based on previous testing of the AAA on uAVA it should do about 12-13 hours. I will report back!

  1. Hi, Awesome blog, thank you for sharing.

    I’m starting to build my first HAB, lots to learn. Been many years since touching a soldering iron & wondered if you could tell me where I get a tracker board like this, or whether this is hand crafted?

    Currently was thinking of a rooted Android phone, but realising a non gps non cell option might be very sensible.

    Thanks in advance

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